14 January, 2022
Sarens Contributes to Sustainable Salmon Farming In Norway
14 January, 2022
Sarens Cranes Set for Engineered Lift Operation in Las Vegas, Nevada
14 January, 2022
Sarens Participates in the Rehabilitation of The M-30 Bridge
14 January, 2022
Sarens Jacks Up Six STS Cranes at Port Said, Egypt
14 January, 2022
Sarens Offloads Two Hausboats in Czech Republic
14 January, 2022
Sarens Assists In The Construction Of Railway Track In Poland
14 January, 2022
Sarens Contributes to Sustainable Salmon Farming In Norway
14 January, 2022
Sarens Cranes Set for Engineered Lift Operation in Las Vegas, Nevada
14 January, 2022
Sarens Participates in the Rehabilitation of The M-30 Bridge
14 December, 2021

Sarens Cranes Set For Engineered Lift Operation In Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarens supporting construction of stunning new MSG Sphere at The Venetian

Sarens is pleased to be working with W&W Steel Erectors on an engineered lifting operation in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project is construction of MSG Sphere at The Venetian, a state-of-the-art entertainment venue that once complete will be the largest man-made sphere in the world.

Sarens equipment will be used to lift steel and concrete sections for construction of the main venue’s domed roof, a 13,000-tonne, largely self-supporting structure. Work will proceed at a relatively confined worksite close to the Las Vegas Strip, behind the famous Venetian Resort. The CC-8800 and CC-6800 will be lifting pre-assembled steel components. The two large cranes are positioned on opposing sides of the actual spherical building footprint allowing for ongoing steel erection from each crane.

The following equipment will be used for this operation:

  • CC 8800/1 crawler crane in SWSL configuration with 90m main boom and 84m Luffing jib
  • CC 6800/1 crawler crane in SWSL configuration with 84m main boom and 72m Luffing jib
  • 12 axle lines Goldhofer SPMT trailer.

The equipment has been sent from Zeebrugge, Belgium to Port Hueneme, California, traveling for 30 days to reach the United States. It was then transported to Las Vegas over the course of 10 days and will remain on-site for the duration of construction.

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1 December, 2021

Bridge Installation Over The A61 Regent Street In The Centre Of Leeds, UK.

Sarens completes careful bridge dismantling project in the city centre

Sarens is proud to have completed the dismantling of two A64(M) bridges over the A61 Regent Street in the centre of Leeds, UK. The two concrete bridge structures were built next to each other in the 1960s and needed replacement due to failing abutments and long-term maintenance issues.

This project was completed in two phases: in the summer of 2020, Sarens dismantled the southern bridge so that traffic could be redirected along the northern bridge. Then, once the new southern bridge was completed some months later, Sarens returned to dismantle the northern bridge using a similar method and sequence.

For this project, traditional demolition methods could not be used due to the proximity of neighbouring residential properties. Responding to these constraints, Sarens won the project by proposing a dismantling solution that involved removing each bridge deck in sections before transporting it off-site for crushing and recycling. Sarens’ proposal also minimised impact on the busy city centre, with the removal of each bridge completed over two 56-hour road possessions.

Sarens’ solution combined the use of SPMTs with the CS250 jacking system and a 750-tonne LTM1750 telescopic mobile crane from the Sarens UK and Sarens Projects fleet. Engineering was completed by Andrew Cockshoot and Tom Betts of the Sarens UK TS team, who also provided onsite support during operation.

To dismantle each bridge, Sarens first removed the 33-metre long post-tensioned centre span sections, which weighed up to 400 tonnes. This was done using SPMTs and a CS250 jacking system. The first section was driven out from between the two side spans with only the clearance provided by the expansion joints between the spans, measuring less than 50mm at each end.

Once clear of the bridge, the assembly was driven a short way to provide space for the LTM1750 crane to be rigged. The centre span section was jacked down using four CS250 jacking towers before being driven up the slip road onto the closed section of the roadway, where the SPMTs offloaded the deck onto stools for demolition processing.

The side spans of each bridge, made of 24-metre long pretensioned concrete beams, weighed up to 96 tonnes each. These were dismantled using the crane to lift out each deck beam in turn, placing it onto transport for off-site crushing and recycling.

“Careful planning of the site logistics was key to the success of each weekend possession, ensuring that operations would run smoothly within the congested site,” said project manager Scott Dalgarno. “During each possession we monitored this plan and made changes as necessary to ensure work continued smoothly.”

“The dismantling work went very well indeed,” said Balfour Beatty project manager Daniel Barnes. “During critical road possessions, the Sarens team worked in a professional manner, giving us and Leeds City Council much confidence.”

Sarens would like to congratulate everyone involved with this successful project!


Job description

  • Searching for new clients who could benefit from your products.
  • Travelling to visit potential clients and job sites.
  • Establishing new, and maintaining existing, relationships with customers
  • Managing and interpreting customer requirements
  • Persuading clients that a product or service will best satisfy their needs
  • Calculating client quotations
  • Negotiating tender and contract terms
  • Negotiating and closing sales by agreeing terms and conditions
  • Offering after-sales support services
  • Analysing costs and sales
  • Preparing reports for head office
  • Meeting regular sales targets
  • Recording and maintaining client contact data
  • Co-coordinating sales projects
  • Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a service will meet client needs
  • Providing pre-sales technical assistance
  • Liaising with other members of the sales team and other technical experts
  • Solving client problems
  • Produces, along with other CAD designers and project engineers, the technical information required for heavy lift, transport and special equipment projects
  • Produces the drawings in Sarens AutoCAD and in Inventor so that all involved parties can obtain a clear image of the operations to be performed; adds the information related to standards on the drawings


  • Male/Female
  • Age 22-27 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in any faculties.
  • Possess own car with driving license and be able to go to upcountry.
  • Must be able to work under pressure, work in teams & satisfy client needs.
  • Good command of English and communication skills.
  • Experience is not required.

We offer

  • Salary: Baht 20,000 – 30,000
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Provident Fund
  • Social Security
  • Family Funeral cover