Equipment Data

Equipment Data




SPMT1SPMT stands for 'self propelled modular trailers', equipment that is used in a wide range of industries. SPMT's can easily transport civil constructions and petrochemical components on land. During load-outs, they are often used as vehicle to drive heavy load components from the quay onto the barge.


One trailer consists of different modules from 4 or 6 axle lines with a capacity of 36 up to 48 tons per axle line each. SPMT's have the possibility of circle drive around the centre of the trailer or execute "crab moves". The lifting height of heavy load components is approx. 500 mm. Due to their variety of combinations, SPMT2they can lift and move nearly every heavy load component. The current world record in moving and lifting an offshore platform with SPMT's is 15000 tons, executed by Sarens in 2010.

The technical info can be found here.

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gantryThe Sarens Group has a variety of gantry systems in its fleet, depending on the load and the needs of the project.


Tower systems can be used in combination with strand jacks or gantries can be equipped with its own jacking or climbing systems. Depending on the load and height of the gantries, external bracings might be necessary. It is possible to use towers in pairs (vessel lifts) or in multi-coupled lifting units (module lifts) to obtain the required lifting set-up. The Sarens Group has a broad experience in lifting with gantry systems, for example the lift of a top side of an oil rig of 12.000 tons and the installation of a 6.000 tons shipyard gantry on a height of 140m. Gantries can also be used in combination with skidding and transporting systems.




Due to lack of space or access, sometimes cranes are not the best option for lifting and others systems must be used.


Jacking systems can be an alternative for lifting objects. They are often used for the jacking of bridges and modules from construction height to its final position. The Sarens Group has several types of jacking systems in its fleet. Most of them are designed in-house.


Types of jacks:



Climbing Jack

Perpetuum Jack

  • maximum height: 9 m
  • bracing possible
  • semi-automatic
  • in-house designed
  • low minimal jacking height: 450 mm
  • capacity: 250 t per jacking position
  • easy assembly thanks to light jacking elements
  • in-house designed





skiddingSkidding is used for moving and positioning heavy structures on a built up skid track.


A skid shoe is mounted between the structure and the skid track. With the help of a greased skid track and a Teflon layer, a special designed mechanism pulls the load over the tracks. Next to push pull system, the Sarens Group also performs skidding with strand jacks, for example the load out of jackets. The Sarens Group has performed skidding operations up to 18.000 tons.





pontoon1Sarens owns a fleet of barges, especially developed to support project work such as the installation of bridges, lifting operations from the water and/or transport activities over inland waterways and seas.


The 'Twin barge' concept is a custom-built fleet consisting of 3 different sized pairs of barges according to the restrictions of the vast European network of rivers and canals.Once the pair of barges has passed the locks or other access limiting structures, they are connected creating one large barge, avoiding the need of extensive steel structures that are normally needed to connect pontoons2different barges. Among the Sarens fleet is also a large 100 m by 33 m barge. To enable to offer a complete service package, Sarens owns a large fleet of mooring winches, auxiliaries and anchors, several ballast systems, links pan bridges with different lengths and a vast inventory of additional structures and equipment. All ancillary engineering support as required for the barge operations can be conducted by our in-house engineering department.

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Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic Cranes

hydraulic 1Sarens has comprehensive modern machinery consisting of hydraulic telescopic cranes, rotating and fixed telescopic handlers, forklift trucks and construction site vehicles with different capacities and tonnages. All hoisting operations are executed by qualified and well-trained professionals with a sharp eye for details. Upon request Sarens surveys the works to be conducted on site and draws up the necessary hoisting plans and load tables.




Tower Cranes

The advantages of the Wilbert XXXl heavy lifters

freestanding hook height of over 200m and lifting capacity of 64t

maximum hook height of 900m with lifting capacity of 32t possible

operating speed up to 200m/min

freestanding hook height on rail-going portal up to 90m tower height

operation is possible up to maximum 17m/sec wind speed

setting of out of operation position within minutes, putting down the jib not required

operation up to the tower possible without compulsory radius

on foundation anchors no additional space required

installation inside building or construction also feasible

bracing of the jib at counterweight enables stable operation also in the inner operation range

assembly weights of only maximum 28t



Hamm Westfalen (Germany) - 2 x boiler blocks
Karlsruhe RDKS (Germany) - boiler and e-filer
Mannheim (Germany) - boiler and e-filter
Eemshaven (the Netherlands) - 2 x boiler block
Maasvlakte MPP3 (the Netherlands) - 1 block
Ledvice (Czech Republic) - 1 boiler block




Engineering3From a basic 2D lifting drawing to entire 3D animated operation sequences, from a standard transport calculation to full-out F.E.M. calculations of tower gantry systems: the Sarens engineering team at head office is able to deliver to the sales and operations departments - and of course the clients - all it takes to technically support the needs they have.


The experience and dedication of this team of draftsmen and engineers ensures correct and thorough technical evaluation and preparation of projects as well as the ability to conceive, design and validate new equipment for the group. Engineering2Thanks to these people, the Sarens Group is able to solve the problems (or as we see them: the opportunities) for which our clients seek solutions.

In this they are supported by the tools and software which the Sarens system engineers designed over the years.



Lattice boom cranes


Lattice BoomTypes

Truck mounted till 1.000T

Crawler cranes till 1.650T

Pedestal cranes till 2000T


Sarens' fleet

15 cranes with capacity of > 1.000T

SGC-120(3.200T): lattice boom crane on double ring

1.500 cranes of all kinds in worldwide Sarens fleet

Average fleet age: 5 to 6 years

Sarens Giant Crane

Giant Crane


SGC-120, the only true heavy lift 'crane' in the 3200 tonnes capacity range.


The SGC ‐120 is the only Third Generation, 120,000 Tm (3200 metric ton lifting capacity), constructed. It is designed to accommodate the heavy lifting requirements for refinery, oil and gas, mining, offshore platform and third generation components for nuclear power plants. The construction and testing of the SGC‐120 was completed in March 2011 .


Features of the SGC-120:

Giant Crane

Giant Crane

Giant Crane

Giant Crane

Features of the SGC-120

  • Reliable heavy lifting machine with high load moment
  • Limited footprint
  • Low ground bearing pressures
  • On-site flexibility
  • Flexible worldwide transportation
  • Versatile lifting machine



Trailers & Transport Management


transport3flexible / experienced

all-in "one stop shopping" (incl. permits and escorts)

all over Europe

from factory to foundation

transport of oversized modules per SPMT's

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Local Transport of concrete beams of 38m 210T Client ICA construction

Job site : Rio Los Remedios Mexico DF

Used equipment : 11L Nicolas SPMT's + LR1400-2 to load →

Strand Jacks

Strand Jacks


Strand JacksStrandjacks can offer a big advantage in case there is a lack of space on the assembly site. By means of a hydraulic cylinders and steel wires (strands), the heavy load component is lifted to the required height or pulled (skidded) to a certain position.


Due to its variety of capacities starting from 15 tons up to 1130 tons, Sarens can offer a wide range of combinations and appropriate applications. Together with a supporting gantry, strandjacks are used to lift civil constructions or power plant components. By means of a skidding beam and strandjacks, heavy offshore platforms can be transferred from or onto barges.


Strand Jacks2